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Welcome, Stranger!

Welcome Stranger

Today our guest blogger shares how our university/campus ministries are reaching out to students, and making “life-saving” differences!

By Augusta R. Mennell

How My SmartPhone Expressed Heaven’s Joy

Today’s guest blogger shares how a SmartPhone shared the Good News!

By Rev. Lee Meyer, International Student Ministry (ISM) Board Co-president and In-Depth Bible Seminar Instructor

Parish Nursing in the English District

Sue Neff, Parish Nurse

Hello and greetings!

My name is Susan Neff and I serve as the district representative for Parish Nursing in the LCMS – English District. For those of you who are not familiar with Parish Nursing, I’d like to give you an overview what I do, and share some benefits of having a parish nurse in your congregation.

How your congregation can serve those who serve

Did you know that the LCMS provides care to our military families in two ways?

First, we provide chaplains to our Armed Forces. God’s good gifts are given to His children who wear our country’s uniform – and their families throughout the world – by military chaplains.

Five Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Pastor

October is “Pastor Appreciation Month,” and this Sunday, October 11, is “Pastor Appreciation Day."

What are some ways you can show appreciation to your pastor?

Love One Another

Love One Another


A Holistic Approach to Life


Rev. Michael Brown

Life Coordinator – English District

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Nebraska

Note: This post has been updated to include the dates for March for Life events.

The Joy of Giving

Rev. James Elsner, pastor of Prince of Peace, used this edited story in a recent newsletter. The original text was from The Stewardship Advisers "Ten for Ten" annual stewardship campaign from a few years ago, and printed in the "Prints of Peace," the newsletter of Prince of Peace, Hudson, IN.